Are you seeking mechanic repairs for your service, utility, or personal truck? At Makk Truck Solutions Center, we pride ourselves in providing professional, timely and efficient services to our clients.


Choose Us?

That is a simple answer.

Makk has transformed the experience of truck owners through our renowned expertise in cutting-edge technology and truck repairs. With over fifteen years of automatic expertise and ten years in the trucking mechanic industry ,our skills in truck repair have been greatly noted throughout the Atlanta area.

Here at Makk, our clients come first; whether you have an emergency service or are in need of consultation, we are only a phone call away to meet all of your repair and service needs. Such, as Advanced diagnostics and motor rebuilding. (including ordering parts).

List of Servcies
We offer

For Mack or Volvo clients, our services includes:

  • Rebuild motors
  • complete in frame rebuild
  • Exhaust after treatment
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Engine component replacement
  • SCR System diagnostic
  • Engine derated diagnostic
    • Drive train repairs
    • MAJOR electrical repairs/replacement, turbo,
    • Radiator repair,
    • Oil leak
    • Mdrive & Ishift transmission rebuild.

      List of Servcies
      We offer

      For Non Mack or Volvo clients, our services includes:

      • oil change
      • basic diagnostics
      • A & B PM
      • Brake repair
      • HVAC repair
      • Clutch replacement
      • turbo replacement
        • Coolant leaks repair
        • Engine oil leaks repair
        • water pump replacement
        • Oil cooler replacement
        • Water cooler, charge cooler
        • Alternator and starter motor replacement
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